Original Spelunky on PC Gets New Features

Spelunky, which was originally released back in 2008 for PC, recently received an upgrade.

A year after its release, Spelunky’s source code was made available, allowing people to create mods for the game. The most recent mod was released late last week. The mod is titled Spelunky SD. Vadim, a developer from the Ukraine, started the project as something to do over a weekend, but ended up spending around three months to polish it properly.

The biggest new feature is the ability to play an online, cooperative game with other players. Other changes include smaller tweaks to the original title, including making enemies blink just before they get up from the ground, and having off-screen sounds fade. Several smaller bugs were taken care of as well, and the controls in this version are slightly more forgiving.

The mod for Spelunky SD is downloadable at the GameJolt website.

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